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Discover the new ICS CareerPlus tool

CareerPlus is a complete solution to manage your career and skills development and it is free for members to use. It consists of a CPD recording system, and an online tool to assess your IT and business skills.

Your IT skills will be assessed against the European standard, the e-Competence Framework, and your business skills are assessed against the ICS Transversal Skills Framework.

Manage your career, manage your brand – benefits to individuals

CareerPlus will help you measure and describe your competences against a recognised European standard. You can use the CPD tracker to record your achievements in both informal and formal learning. The professional profile you’ll build up will ultimately help you communicate your skills and knowledge to grab that promotion, new job or project you want to manage.

You’ll also be able to match your skills against 23 common IT job profiles, to see how far you match towards a new career path. You’ll find out any skills you need to work on to be able to progress to the next level.

Managing your organisation’s resources – benefits to organisations

CareerPlus can help organisations of all sizes to manage their skills development process. This will help develop a career plan for staff as well as talent management for the organisation.

You’ll be able to see self-assessment profiles of staff to enable you to build project teams quickly and efficiently. Explore the 23 most common IT job profiles to create fully rounded job specifications and to assist in the interview process for new talent.

Your employees will be empowered to take charge of their own continuous professional development. They will be able to use the skills tool to communicate their selling points and gain recognition for their achievements, encouraging your staff and giving them a confidence boost.

How to use CareerPlus

CareerPlus is a free benefit to members. Login to your member account here and click on CPD on the right hand side box. You'll arrive straight on the CPD tracker. To access the skills assessment, click on the CareerPlus tab.

Not yet a member?

We’re so sure you’ll see the benefits of CareerPlus that we’re offering three months free membership to get you well on your way to analysing your skills.

Just email CPD215 to cpd@ics.ie to activate your free membership.

Want to know more?

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