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Blockchain Ireland Conference - Save the date!

The Blockchain Association of Ireland will host a half-day conference on March 21st at the Irish Computer Society, Dublin 4.

This event will look at the impact and potential for blockchain technologies to change the way we do business and develop IT systems. From banking, healthcare, supply chain and food traceability to energy, logistics, manufacturing, retail and real estate, blockchain has the potential to transform much more than just the way we trade. 

This is a must attend for those examining blockchain enterprise strategies.

The theme of the conference is 'Blockchain - building trust, breaking down barriers' and will focus is on the evolution of blockchain, its applications and the vast opportunities it brings. The conference will ask:

  • Social Impact: What are the impacts of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and how is consensus built in the communities surrounding these technologies?
  • Technical Impact: How does Blockchain use cryptography and digital signatures to prove identity, authenticity and enforce read/write access rights?
  • Commercial Impact: What are the challenges companies are facing when looking at the business case for distributed ledger technologies?
  • Regulatory, Compliancy and Legal Impacts: How do we address legal uncertainty surrounding blockchain, standards and big data and how the landscape is likely to take shape?

Tickets are limited and priority will be given to members of Blockchain Ireland, ICS and it's supported member bodies (ADPO, BAAI, HISI, Iasa Ireland & itSMF Ireland).

Register now to avoid disappointment.

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