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Recent Women in IT Stream events

Aileen Wynne, ICS Fellow has recently organised a number of events for Women in IT. Here she shares her experiences of these events for those who did not attend. Thank you Aileen for sharing.This year that “Dock into the Dark Side” GSE UK conference was held from the 5th - 7th November in Whittlebury Hall, Towcester.  This is the largest mainframe conference in ...

  Thursday, November 28th

ICS Deputy CEO Mary Cleary awarded inaugural David O'Leary Award

Mary Cleary, Deputy CEO of the Irish Computer Society, has been awarded the inaugural David O’Leary Award for her contributions to the development of IT Professionalism.Mary Cleary was presented with the award at the IFIP General Assembly in Kiev this week.Receiving the inaugural award demonstrates Mary’s continuing commitment to raising standards of professionalism in IT across Ireland and internationally. She ...

  Thursday, October 17th

A new declaration on IT Professionalism

A new declaration on IT Professionalism was made by the ICS CIO Advisory board on behalf of the ICS CIO Forum at the recent ICS Leaders Conference.It is no secret that almost 40% of companies trying to recruit IT professionals in Europe report difficulties in finding skilled workers. Clearly, we have to create the right framework to attract fresh talent to the IT sector, ...

  Thursday, October 17th

October is European Cybersecurity Month

On the 1st of October the European Cybersecurity Month was launched in all Member States to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats as well as promote cybersecurity among citizens and organisations through education and sharing of good practices. This year, in particular, European Cybersecurity Month will focus on raising awareness about the good cybersecurity practices that should be a part of everyone’s daily routine, ...

   Tuesday, October 8th

EU Web Accessibility Directive now in force for public sector bodies

All public sector websites created after 23 September 2018 will have to be accessible by 23 September 2019. Existing websites will have to comply by 23 September 2020. All mobile applications will have to be accessible by 23 June 2021.Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 October 2016 on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies requires public bodies to ensure their websites ...

   Monday, September 23rd

itSMF 2019 Speaker Announcement: Mark O'Loughlin to address the question "Hey, where has all our IT gone?"

Organisations are continuing to move more and more of their IT services into the cloud, shifting various elements of their backend IT infrastructure, systems, applications and IT services. In simplistic terms, cloud computing and cloud-based services are just another form of outsourcing with a shift in the current IT supply chain model.With the increase in outsourcing to the cloud, is it likely that ...

  Tuesday, August 13th

The EU Cybersecurity Act brings a strong agency for cybersecurity and EU-wide rules on cybersecurity certification

picture evoking cybersecurity

On 27 June the European Cybersecurity Act entered into force, setting the new mandate of ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, and establishing the European cybersecurity certification framework. With the entry into force of the Cybersecurity Act, a new course is starting for ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, which will enjoy a permanent mandate, increased responsibilities and resources. First example of its kind, the ...

  Tuesday, July 2nd

Behind the Scenes at ICS - Claudia Delaney – Head of Training and Certification

Many of you will know Claudia Delaney, our Head of Training and Certification, who has been with ICS for over 18 years. We’ve spoken to Claudia about her vision for supporting your professional development.Claudia started at ICS as ECDL Accreditation Coordinator. She honed her skills as a learning and development professional while looking after the IT skills needs of hundreds of schools and ...

  Thursday, June 13th

Survey: perception of AI by IT professionals

The CEPIS Information Society SIN has launched a survey to find out which is the perception of IT professionals on AI. The survey is based on a very short questionnaire with 10 statements on AI.ICS is a member of CEPIS, the representative body of national informatics associations throughout greater Europe. Established in 1989 by 9 European informatics societies, CEPIS has since grown to represent over 450,000 ICT ...

  Thursday, January 23rd

Volunteer as a judge at this year's Scratch Coding Competition

Would you love to share your STEM knowledge and expertise with students?Would you like to help students with their STEM projects?Do you believe you could be a great resource for students interested in STEM fields?If you answered YES to any of these questions, then our future digital creators need you!Each year, the Irish Computer Society is sponsored by Lero (The ...

  Wednesday, January 22nd

ICS welcomes new Fellow Kieran McCorry