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Professional Recognition for IT Service Management

A priSM credential tells the industry that its holder has experience, education, knowledge and ethics in managing and driving quality IT services. It recognizes your experience with various best practices, standards and measurement systems.

Why obtain the priSM Credential?

The priSM Institute® supports its credential holders by:

  • promoting their standing in the industry
  • recognising performance of ITSM professionals through the award of an earned credential application of a professional code of ethics defining a globally recognised benchmark for the performance of ITSM professionals
  • requiring and enabling them to use our continual professional development programme
  • providing opportunities to be mentored and also to support the development of other credential holders

Credential levels include:

  • Student
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Distinguished Professional
  • Fellow

priSM® Institute - what it takes to apply

  • Proof of current and historical (if applicable) level of responsibility, experience and competence within Service Management
  • Continual engagement in the field of Service Management in the eyes of peers, employers, clients and team members
  • Commitment to continual professional development, including professional contributions and ongoing education
  • Membership of itSMF
  • Endorsement and commitment to a Code of Ethics
  • Standard of Conduct

Where can I get more information about priSM?

Visit The priSM Institute