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Mobile and Device Development Part II

This course enables you to work with advanced theories and techniques needed to build robust and agile mobile web applications ready for deployment to various app stores.

  • Duration: 4 weeks plus final assessment
  • Delivery Mode: Online


This course is for students looking to build greater expertise to develop cutting-edge and ready-to-launch mobile web applications by using complex frameworks and gaining best practices

The course examines in greater depth a number of client-side JavaScript frameworks and development methodologies, including HTML5 packaging and SaaS mobile app service.

By applying the skill set gained in Part I of the course and the new methodologies taught in Part II, students learn how to build modular mobile web applications using a popular framework and package them for deployment to a selection of app stores. Students will also enhance their JavaScript knowledge.


  • Implementing a packaged HTML5 web app using a client-side framework
  • Packaging a mobile web app for deployment to app stores
  • Best practices and workflows for client-side app packaging
  • SaaS based mobile app built service
  • Working with client-side JavaScript frameworks to produce mobile apps
  • Angular
  • React

On completion of this course, you will have created a mobile web application built in a popular standard client-side framework.


It is recommended that students complete the online Front-End Web Development and Mobile Device Development Part I courses or have demonstrable experience in these skills before starting this course. Assignments are based on work-based business challenges. 

Students will be given course-specific assignments that both reinforce the learning and provide work-based experience of applying new skills. All assignments are subject to a rigorous assessment framework. 

These will include weekly quizzes and a large piece of work focusing on a popular front-end framework.

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