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HTML5 Design Technologies

With a comprehensive combination of theory and practice, this course will enable you to build on the knowledge gained in the Applied Design Technologies Part I and Part II courses. It will provide Students with front-end stack knowledge and teach them how to apply it to create responsive and ready-to-launch websites.

  • Duration: 10 weeks plus final assessment
  • Delivery Mode: Online


The course provides you with the knowledge and skills required to design, structure and produce HTML5 content.

Students will discover the features and benefits of HTML5, including styling and layout with CSS, creating interactivity with JavaScript, integrating HTML5 video, developing animation with CSS3, designing responsive layouts with Bootstrap and understanding how JQuery can unleash the power of JavaScript.


  • Design solutions in HTML5
  • The translation of static designs into dynamic mark-up
  • The Integration of CSS animation techniques into a web page
  • Content packaging for mobile delivery
  • Responsive design strategies
  • Website production using third-party frameworks and libraries
  • HTML5 features and attributes
  • Working level skills needed to design and build HTML5 content
  • An understanding on the features and benefits of HTML5
  • Knowledge of current design trends and layouts for web content

On completion of this course, you will have created a responsive website showcasing a suite of HTML5 functionality.


It is recommended that students complete the online Applied Design Technologies Part I and Part II courses before starting this course. Assignments are based on work-based business challenges. 

Students will be given course-specific assignments that both reinforce the learning and provide work-based experience of applying new skills. All assignments are subject to a rigorous assessment framework.

Assessments for this specific course include an HTML5 responsive website and weekly quizzes.

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