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The National Disability Authority (NDA) in partnership with the Irish Computer Society (ICS) continues its series of information and training webinars and events to promote accessibility practice among public bodies and digital agencies.  The series will consider the path to compliance with the EU Web Accessibility Directive.

Accessibility can seem like a challenging goal but even the longest journey begins with one step.  This first step for many organisations is commissioning an accessibility audit, or for public bodies, receiving monitoring data from the National Disability Authority.

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This course will be delivered in a blended format for 2022/23. This will mean the majority of the programme content will be delivered online but with some on-campus sessions at the National College of Ireland (NCI). The breakdown of your course will be communicated to you in advance, and you will be able to plan for any required campus elements.

The role of the business analyst is to identify the core business objectives of an organisation and its constituent parts and to ensure that the processes, procedures, systems and structures that are in place are the most effective and efficient to enable it to achieve its core objectives.

This professional course offers academic accreditation for business analysts and for those who play a leading role in improving business performance, either in their own company, or in a consultancy role to others, through the use of proven business analysis techniques.